Friday, March 30, 2012

My Credit Card Is In Mourning Too

On Tuesday, a search for Trayvon Martin merchandise on Cafe Press—the popular online retailer of personalized products—turned up dozens of pages of results, with sellers offering shirts and hoodies with various messages of support for the slain Florida teen. By Tuesday afternoon, however, a search for "Trayvon" on Cafe Press yielded no results, as did searches on Wednesday and Thursday.

Bummer, I was just going to place my order for 7 Hoodies. One for every day of the week.

Seriously though, ya gotta love Americans. No matter what the tragedy, shopping is always high on their "to do" list. I think Skittles should produce a special Trayvon Martin memorial package. They'd make a to speak...

There is at least one item on Cafe Press related to Martin: a $45 hooded sweatshirt supporting the "Million Hoodie March," which his killing inspired.

Thank God for small favors. I'll be marking that date on my calendar. Nothing funnier than Americans marching in circles shouting slogans & carrying placards. The hoodies will just make it all the more amusing.


Marching people change shit Goddammit. Just witness how the Wall Street Occupation Force caused the fall of Wall Street.

Yep. This will be another great day in the history of a great cunt-tree.


Of course, it's too bad that all those white victims of black criminals can't have a march too. I suppose a Million Mullet March would be logistically impossible.

Oh well, once again...


One more thing, now that hoodies are a symbol of solidarity against the evils of racist Hispanic Jews, guys like this:

can rob a place while simultaneously striking a blow for racial equality. Talk about yer multi-tasking.

This is a great fucking Cunt-Tree, innit?
I doubt that there's a greater Cunt-Tree on the entire planet.


Morocco Bama said...

I wonder if Ketchup will be at the Million Hoodie March.

Considering that, I ran across this:

You can't make this up. Unbelievable...or not. It's the epitome of the state of this system right now. Tragedy is big bucks, even when you're at the center of it. It underscores the sad fact that Trayvon Martin will be worth more dead than he was ever worth alive (per the system). Think of it as back door dead peasant insurance...something Walmart knows about.

Martin's mother, Sybrina Fulton, headed off potential profit-seekers by filing trademark applications last week for the words "Justice For Trayvon" and "I Am Trayvon." The applications say the slogans may be used in digital media formats including CDs and DVDs. A family attorney said Wednesday the purpose is mainly to prevent others from exploiting Martin's image.

I wonder if Magistrate Zimmerman's doing the same? I know it's one of the things I would do if I were mourning the death of my beloved child. I'd be thinking, I need to trademark his name so I can cash in on this Bonanza.

just_another_dick said...

She has a canny business sense...Too bad she didn't trademark the anti side of the coin.

I'm seeing a future with pro Zimmerman supporters marching around with "Trayvon Stole Those Skittles"
"McGruff says, 'Take A Preemptive Trayvon Bite Out Of Crime'
emblazoned on their plumber's butt ass crack.

"Back door peasant insurance," eh?
That's fucking great Shrub.
Maybe we could interest cut rate con men like Safe Auto & The General in an investment opportunity.

Morocco Bama said...

There's no winning in this system, Richard. It's got you coming and going. You either play by the rules, or you get run over.

Sometimes I wish I was young again and still asking the tough questions rather than knowing the awful answers. Wishful thinking, I know. It's a curse to know. It's bliss to be ignorant.

Morocco Bama said...

I'm telling you, if the Zimmerman's haven't already applied for that trademark protection, they need to do it now.

Sweet Mother of Jesus!

just_another_dick said...

Shouldn't that shirt read "Pussy Ass Taco?"

Did you happen to see Jesse Jackson say that Zimmerman had better be arrested soon or there will be riots?

Morocco Bama said...

I can't wait to see riots in a Stand Your Ground state. As things deteriorate here in the good ol usa, the apathetic slack given to this guilt trip campaign by the media for past "white" horrors is going to disappear. People are getting angrier, and once the bread & circuses slow down or come to a halt, scapegoats will be found. All these years of poking and provoking are going to come back to haunt, and Jessie and Al will run for the hills rather that standing their deceitful ground.