Thursday, March 29, 2012


I have been enjoying the tangled CSI murder mystery brought to us by Trayvon Martin & George Zimmerman & the fine state of Florida. I knew that this would attain gut buster levels when I saw Keith Olbermann in a Hoodie.

Today's "Yahoo Trends" list had Zimmerman in an early lead but Trayvon, proving that you're never really dead in Internet land, has moved ahead at mid-day.

Earlier, Spike Lee had to apologize for Tweeting the wrong address when he tweeted the Zimmerman's home address. Quite amusing. Hopefully Spike will shut up & stick to looking simple at basketball games but I doubt it. Nothing shocking there, eh? (Actually, the only thing I found shocking about the Spike Lee article was the statement that Spike has 240,000 Borg-like followers for his every mental burp.)

Then we have Zimmerman's dad Robert, who goes public in defense of his kid, but he does it behind an identity obscuring screen so mobs of outraged idiots don't take their outrage out on him.
It makes one wonder how those recent workplace conversations have gone for the elder Zimmerman.

"Say Bob, isn't that your kid George?

"Ummmm...nope...nope...don't have any kids. I...ah...had a vasectomy a long fucking time kids named George or Grace or kids for me."

"But George, you introduced me to him at the Christmas party."

"Ummmm...did you say my name was Bob? Nope, I'm Clyde. Used to be Cleo until I had that sex change back in the late 90s."

Almost as funny as Trayvon supporters continually trotting out pictures of little Trayvon when he was still in grade school. I suppose that photos of a 6'3" black teen in a hoodie would look too much like a thug for middle America to swallow.

The liberal crew over at RI, always in need of some violent act to occur so they can give their opinion about it, (they're outraged & saddened & weeping of course) while simultaneously Googling reams of material that only the unemployed could possibly find time to read, earlier posted a pithy tie-in with lynching.
I'm not exactly sure how that's relevant given the fact that Zimmerman is a Hispanic Jew.
Maybe the big brains at RI have finally realized that white people are irrelevant, while the true culture wars are occurring between minorities.

The only question I would like answered is why someone in Florida thought it would be a good idea to allow untrained neighborhood watch Yahoos to carry weapons.
Seriously, this is America, the de-evolution poster child. This is the place where humanity has regressed backwards to a state of slothful stupidity. The place where the average person's idea of a bad ass is Arnold Schwarzeneggar, whose model for physical conflict is an orgy he attended back in '79. We have taken a running leap away from anything anyone could call "reality" ages ago. We don't need to be carrying weapons. Really. If you doubt it, go to your average Wal-Mart & take a good look around. Do you seriously want these people to carry firearms in public?


Morocco Bama said...

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I couldn't be a member of that forum. I'd be banned before you could exhale.

Anyway, Nordic has just recently said this:

The sooner this Zimmerman thug ends up either behind bars or beaten to death by a vigilante, the better.

The dude has no idea what he's what he's talking about, and for someone who shouts from the rooftops that the media MSM is a conspiracy, he sure seems to have been roped in by it. Apparently he hasn't seen this. If we applied his prejudiced logic, that black shooter would have been dead before the facts prevailed.

For all those who have implied that if the tables were turned, and the shooter was black and the person shot had been "white," "white" people would have been calling for the black shooter's head, your prejudice has clouded your judgement and credibility. They simply cannot be objective and impartial. They are brainwashed and poisoned, and they will be led like the reactionary sheep they are to the slaughter.

The aforementioned case underscores the inaccuracy of their conjecture, but I'm sure they will find a way to cling to their false notions and self-righteousness, and call it an aberration.

Anonymous said...

Ass said...

I witnessed my neighborhood, to whereas I was born, turn from an all white to an almost all black area. When I was a young teen I remember hearing crime reports about the local area where blacks lived a few miles away. Individual cashiers were being gunned down in stores and left for dead before or after the killers had robbed the cash registers. This was definitely unique to us kids. Homicide was a very radical thing.

In those days almost every time a black male walked the streets of my neighborhood, it was due to a planned out felony that was perpetrated on one of the neighbors. Purse snatchings and breaking and enterings was the usual crime committed. It was pretty much a guarantee that the somewhat-rare occurrence of a black man that walked the streets of my neighborhood was going to commit a crime or had already done so. It's amazing to me now that this was how it was then. We took it in stride without much fear back in those days.

The violence was getting worse enough that Curtis Sliwa and his Guardian Angels came into town. This was in the northeast part of Detroit in the 80's. I remember chasing a young black man in his twenties with a shovel after he had knocked my elderly neighbor down to the ground as he stole her purse in broad daylight. I was still an older teen then. Well, eventually it was bye bye Opie. White Devil had left Mayberry. Before we had moved out in 2000, a black man walked into the local Comerica Bank down the street and had held the people inside hostage. He had them recite the Lord's Prayer before he shot and killed 3 white people as it was also a cop suicide. The killer being the 4th victim. On the way to the bank he also shot a young white male at point-blank range in the face. The victim made it alive. Black man kills 3 white people and shoots another in face in a cop suicide on northeast side of Detroit made it on Brokaw that evening. The killer's just recently divorced black wife worked there. I guess that was the motive. His sour and messy divorce.

The point to all my nonsense is that homicide tends to frighten people. It scares the shit out of them. After the serial killing all the white neighbors on my block who had children moved out immediately. They all settled for whatever anyone would pay, which was not much, and left. Forget about an unfavorable opinion or feeling formed beforehand or without knowledge, thought, or reason. In other words reasoning as a bigot. When the guns go off white people, as farted pigeon drops, get out of Dodge City. And that real fast!

just_another_dick said...

It's all badly written political theater Shrub. Hackneyed, repetitive & overdone.
We've seen this shit play out so many times in almost the exact same way every time.

My buddy Chris from Zambia is about as black as you can get. He told me that when he first came to America, he lived in primarily black neighborhoods & associated primarily with black folk.

He said they continually maligned whites as untrustworthy & unfit to associate with.
Every failure was seen as white oppression even if the failure was quite obviously self inflicted.

He thinks racial issues are the black communities out. The one thing they can continually fall back on to dodge responsibility for their own fates & failures.

For a crew of self styled free thinkers the RI crew is amazingly knee jerk in all their reactions.
I've learned to keep my blood pressure in check & just giggle at the wankers.
I'm sure Nordic has a long history of hanging in the hood with his black brothers.
I'm also sure pigs can fly.

I suspect Nordic would no more wander into a crime ridden black ghetto after dark than Rush Limbaugh would live next door to his NASCAR loving-trailer park living fan club.

Solidarity, much like morality, is best served from a good safe distance.

Anyway, for all their hand wringing & teeth gnashing the RI crew needs violence.
It allows them their daily fix of outrage.
It gives them purpose.
It allows them to entertain the conceit that they're above it all
while they hang on every juicy detail.

From a good safe distance.

just_another_dick said...

But Mr. A, one risks much opprobrium in today's world by daring to call the kettle black.
The thought police will brand thee with the dreaded Mark Of The Klu Klux,
and they will hound thee with much malice aforethought.
They will call thee nasty names
& they will call your children nasty names.

On the upside, the thought police are generally a bunch of pussies and their attacks are easy to survive provided one has a thick hide or, like me, you just don't give a fuck.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Wastepaper Basket Container Merchandise said...

Yeah, I have no problem, to date, being a token white male involved with small or large groups of brown/African-American/dark/light-skinned/black/oppressed person/minority group member/Egyptian-Babylonian/ancestor of former African slaves/maybe kinda different people like as an equal. But I have rarely befriended sumone or another in my life. I have a lot more Caucasian thinga ma jiggers that I have known and do know at the present time. I'm disinterested in any racial violence and was especially upset about the serial killing in my neighborhood because of the large numbers of people, helicopters, squad cars, EMS vehicles, firetrucks, and news crews that had showed up at the scene. It was depressing. Like at RI it is flies to flypaper. Completely unnecessary coverage. get it?, sheesh

I do have some funny stories about token whites' experiences though. Yeah, Dick opprobrium but the kettle also calls itself black.