Sunday, April 10, 2011


The world's crumbling, the nurturing Earth mommy still occasionally shakes the shit out of her Japanese children, tornadoes chew up the Midwest like it was a greasy cheesy hunk of BK Whopper & the end is probably what? This is the Internut baby, where the medium is the message & the message is usually monosyllabic and delivered with the prerequisite rain of spittle.

First, we have an odd anomaly, or anamoly, filmed over Russia, New Zealand, or New Zeeland, and the International Space Station.

Some say it's a dimensional portal. Others say it's a shape shifting UFO. Personally, I think it's a rare video capture of God's bright blue bunghole just before He takes another dumpppppp on our heads.

As a companion piece I offer this video that allegedly shows "a shape shifting UFO" shifting shape in the skies over California.

Then again, it could be a balloon. The music was nice though. Suitably mystical soundtracks always enhance bad paranormal videos, making the viewing experience much more enjoyable.

Here's a neat video record of the night that Chinese lanterns...oops, I mean the intergalatic space brothers invaded Chicago.

All I can say is "What up, Dawg?

I should point out that the above videos were offered by the same folks who found this Russian UFO footage quite compelling.

Then we have two Bigfoot videos (Yippee!!!):

Both videos seem to follow the guidelines set down in the Capturing Bigfoot On Video handbook. Section 3, subsection 24 states quite plainly that once an anomalous image is captured in the camera's viewfinder, the cameraman should quickly pan away from said anomaly. If that tactic fails, subsection 25 goes on to say that the cameramen should quickly spin in a circle with his camera pointed at the ground.

As far as evidence goes, all of these videos are unquestionably piss poor & unconvincing.

But no more piss poor or unconvincing than George Jr.'s reasons for invading Iraq or Paul Bremer sitting on Geraldo tonight explaining why we need to "win" in Libya.

It appears that one may spout all the lunacy one wants to spout as long as it ends up with huge swathes of dead folk at the end of its dysfunctional little rainbow. But if your lunacy is essentially harmless, watch your back jack. They're gunnin' for ye.

I've heard it said that the truly mad have no idea that they're a few Kosher dills shy of a pickle jar. In other words, if you think you're crazy, you probably aren't.

I'm willing to bet that every Bigfoot hunter & ufologist, at one point, begins to question their own sanity. I'm equally sure that the Paul Bremers of the world never ever ever question they're own sanity.

Personally, I prefer the spittle.

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Bigfoot connection? Maybe Salinger knew about it and shared this in 48.