Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I'm sitting here as rain pelts my window, thinking about this guitar player named Bob who used to jam with my best friend. Shortly after Chernobyl, the three of us were walking through downtown Pittsburgh when it started to rain. We quickly sought shelter in the doorway of a building and, as each pedestrian passed by, Bob politely informed them that "It's radiating." He would then point to the sky & the rain falling from it.
Most completely ignored him. A minority looked at him as if he were insane.

So Bob, tonight it's radiating again. The news media, having milked the Japanese nuclear crisis for days, has moved on to other things. Royal worship, Trump/Obama "birther" bullshit.
Anything of total irrelevance to keep the herd quiet & docile.

But Japan hasn't magically healed.

& the radiation hasn't magically disappeared. Instead it's flying around the world towards a milk carton or leafy vegetable near you.

On a happier note, oil companies are showing record profits.

While many Americans are seething at gas prices, which have hit $5 per gallon in parts of the country, big oil companies are expected to report significant first quarter profits later this week.

Analysts say they expect the world's largest non-government controlled oil company, Exxon, to report a staggering $10 billion profit -- a 60 percent increase.

Shell is expected to post a healthy 22.2 percent gain, translating to $5.9 billion for the company, which is right on par with competitor Chevron's profits.

It's enough to make people grappling with how to survive the pain at the pump furious.

"We're the ones getting shafted," said Jack Foley, a New York City driver.

But experts say you shouldn't cast blame on big oil -- they're not responsible for setting the price.

The real culprit, said Samantha Gross, an energy analyst at IHS Global, are speculators in the oil futures market who bid the prices up, hedging their pocketbooks on the belief that conflict will get worse in the Middle East.

"The Sunoco and Exxons can't do much about that," Gross said. "It's good for them when they're high, but they don't have much ability to change them."

Over at the RI forum, I spent a bit of time reading a thread entitled "Radionics without Retards," where someone posted this:

Speaking of which, it's too bad richard / just_another_dick doesn't show his smarmy self around here.

I suppose I should be flattered that I'm remembered. I even thought about replying but I have no idea what I'd say. I have no idea what "radionics" is, not that it matters since the thread quickly degenerated into a discussion about the relative merits of the word "retard."

The world is inundated in toxins, large portions of the world's population struggle to survive from day to day, yet liberals still find time to moan about words.

As if it matters. I've spent over 18 years around nature's little screw-ups & I'd say that 90% of them wouldn't understand or care if you called them "retards" or "Shakespeares" or "pudding cups."

Some forum head posted a cutesy picture of a little Down's syndrome kid. Really quite touching. Then "justdrew" got all alpha male,

and that is one beautiful and fantastic child seemslikeadream!
anyone tries to call him a name, send them my way...

Geez, I don't know about you, but I'm scared.

Or not.

My first weekend on the job, while hunched over doing paperwork, I heard a loud PLOP above my head. I looked up to see a huge lump of shit stuck to the wall above my head. If I would have been minding my posture like a good little boy, I'd have taken that baby full in the face.
The shit slinger was this Down's guy who, surprisingly enough, looked just as cute when he was a tot.

I'm tempted to ask "justdrew' if he'd still love the little cutey pie in 20 years when the tot is all grown up and flinging feces at him.

The real truth is that we don't actually give too much of shit about retards.
Feebs neither.
Imbeciles & idiots & spazzes are on our short list also.

A hundred years ago we wanted to euthanize them out of existence, 60 years ago we fed them irradiated Wheaties, today we stick them in creepy adult day care centers with poorly trained & poorly educated & poorly paid staff, many of whom I wouldn't trust to babysit my cat. Then we act all shocked & shaken when things go awry & abuses happen.

Figuring this out is fairly simple. All one has to do is look at what this field pays yoohoos like me. Without copious amounts of overtime my 18 years of experience caring for those poor intellectually challenged diaper fillers that liberals so love gives me a salary that is considered poverty level for a family of 4.

Our last raise was a dime.

It's like they piss on your head & expect you to smile about it.

Our health care is increasing constantly so, when all is said & done in about 6 months, I'll be taking home $300 less each month.

Even with today's shitty job outlook, we're still chronically understaffed.

Not that I blame people. It just doesn't pay enough.

Not that anyone cares.

They're too busy worrying about the meanness quotient implicit in the words that are used to describe the people they never get near.


Anonymous said...

humblenotry said...

Hey...hey man, I am somewhat retarded and if someone does not care about me I do not care about him. It's about principle. Some lovely ladies talk about caring or act caringly, but when it comes to reality they would never be my girlfriend. Yeah, they think they have special intuitive powers of finesse and prowess. Usually they do not. Commonly they are delusional and self-centered. The world to these certain kinds of women revolve around these womens' high chairs, as the ladies spit out their peas and carrots.

I am not fully retarded. I don't know if this is a blessing or a curse. I am consciously aware that I suffer the consequences of errors I make in judgement. I try to learn that there is such a thing as errors in judgement. Like accepting karma as a Sun Tzu strategy and tactic. He wrote that all men can see these tactics whereby I conquer, but what none can see is the strategy out of which victory is evolved.

Victory over errors. I guess that the severely retarded hardly realize victory over error. Error may not exist and everyday just comes and goes. But intellectually, as well as other llys, a lot of peoples are not realizing their errors. Or care to. Like their errors in judgement is the victory. Striving to be in error day in and day out. For these people the metaphoric high chair they sit in makes sense, and anyone who does not nurture them makes no sense.

Anonymous said...

humblenotry said...

You know...bin Laden is dead on this day May 1, 2011. Hey, besides being International Workers' Day, a pagan religious festival (Beltane), and May Day it is the day that Adam Weishaupt founded the Illuminati in 1776. Happy Dead bin Laden Day to you.

Morocco Bama said...

OBL was "the embodiment of evil." JP II is beatified and he was the "embodiment of goodness." The Prince gets married to the Princess.

All is well again in the Land of Oz.

Morocco Bama said...

I like a lot of what Hedges has to say, but his recent comments about al Qaeda only serve to give legitimacy to this Intelligence ruse. Is Hedges yet another deep left plant?