Tuesday, September 11, 2012

On this day, 11 years ago, 2,977 Americans were killed by somebody.

Who that someone was is another question entirely.

Maybe we'll know one day. Hopefully before Dec. 21st when the world becomes a huge crispy cinder.

Personally, I think this will go down in history with some of the other unanswerable questions we've pondered for centuries like

"Why are Americans so fat & stupid?"

"How did a creature like the human, who has all the physical aesthetic appeal of a lumpy trash bag,

manage to push beautiful animals like this to extinction?"

"Does God have His head up His own ass?"

Maybe one day we'll know the truth. Heck, even the fake Lockerbie bomber got the Scots to admit the Americans framed him. Of course, he was a walking dead man when this happened, but hey, better late than never. Right?

So, if this is any indication of how reality works, at midnight on Dec. 20th, I'd look for a flood of mysteries to be cleared up.

On that happy note I leave you with my favorite solution to humanity's troubles:



Morocco Bama said...

On another forum, I was labeled a "Global Warming Denier" because I downplayed the import of 9/11 as just another deception in a long list of deceptions dating back to 10,000 to 12,000 years prior when humans discovered agriculture, and by virtue of that, accumulation and all that comes with expanding and protecting that accumulation.

I'll tell you, I've been called everything in the books over the years on the internet. I was called a "Truther" once by a fella who didn't like me saying that the West was actively involved in breaking up Yugoslavia, in addition to other reasons, so they could create beholding Black Market Mafia States like Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia that would allow them to engage in drug trafficking and human trafficking, surreptitiously. For that, I was a "9/11 Truther." For having any kind of sympathy for the people of Cuba and their Revolution, I've been called a Communist, Leftist and Marxist. I've been called a Fundamentalist for questioning the fabrication that is the 9/11 Commission Report.

It can't end soon enough, this madness, can it Dick?

just_another_dick said...


You should wear the labels proudly MB. If nothing else, they show that you think for yourself. Most people hate that. They prefer joiners.

Morocco Bama said...

Here's yet another imposter. As you can imagine, I got kicked off the hypocrite's blog. He blocked any further posts then piled on and has allowed others to pile on.


He e-mailed to tell me he was blocking me and called me "my friend" and told me to have a good life. Whatever. What a douchebag. So many people so full of themselves....EVERYWHERE. Read the comments, they're a hoot. I think he didn't like my little satire about middle-aged men and pussy rioters, and he obviously takes his NFL very seriously. I wrote this back to the dipstick via his e-mail to me:

And, you're such a coward....but then, that's why you're still attached to your cowardly past. Allowing people to attack me after you've blocked me, and then attacking me yourself. Pathetic, but not surprising. Yet another remnant of your past life you couldn't relinquish, obviously. I have no respect, whatsoever, for people like you who cashed out of the System, but still keep it in tack with your money. Talk about a hypocrite. Not to mention, you still think you're a professor, and you still have the attitude. Take a page out of Guy McPherson's book, and walk the talk. Besides walking away from his previous life, completely, he practices blog anarchy, where he lets the commentators work through issues on the cyber space he enables....he doesn't try to corral them and herd them like a border collie. Your annoying habit of responding to every post that comes your way reveals a very controlling individual....and I suppose, that would explain why you've taken a Russian wife....so you can control her, or more easily control her. And you hanging on to your ill-gotten gains, meaning still having a chunk of change from the life you can't fully leave behind, would explain why she's with you. It's not a unique story. Many Russian women are looking for Western men with money....and that would explain your latest book....deep down you know this, and deep down, you know your relationship is based on that and not true love. True love is what my wife and I have. She's with me, and I have nothing, materially. That's real love....in fact, she supports that, regardless of how tough it's been. But not you. You're nothing without that sack of cash....NOTHING....and you know it.

Morocco Bama said...

In honor of America's favorite pass time, I give you Bob Nelson.


just_another_dick said...

MB, how do you find these people?

They sound like mainstream versions of the RI crew, dripping with post modern irony and hatred for a system they wouldn't last 10 minutes without.

Speaking of the NFL.. I was forced, by circumstance, to watch the Steeler game this weekend & QB Ben I'veGotThePersonalityOfABurger kept pointing to the sky after every score as if he were thanking God for helping him.

If there's a better image of narcissistic egoism than that, I can't think of it.

just_another_dick said...

Geez pal, that Bob Nelson bit was funny as hell.

I think I hurt myself.

Morocco Bama said...

I don't know how I find these people. It's like I take a walk in Cyberpsace, and they just cross my path. They might say something interesting here and there, and then I watch for the telltale signs of bullshit. This dude had red flags for me very early on, so I knew it was just a matter of time before we duked it out.

Yeah, that Bob Nelson video made me laugh so hard I was crying tears so profusely, my shirt was wet. At least it wasn't my pants, but with my sense of humor and love of a good laugh, pissing my pants is coming round the bend.