Monday, September 17, 2012

Updating My File Of Useless Internet Imagery

Dick in.

Here, Rick Santorum admits that Republicans are stupid:

& here is Ernest Angely's  latest page turner
where we will learn, according to his web site, that

Armageddon reveals the overwhelming fear, torment, death and unimaginable destruction that will take place on Earth after the Rapture. This gripping story is based on 100% Bible truth, and the end times have never before been written about in such shocking reality.  You must know about the coming Tribulation and the war to end all wars and heed God’s warnings, or you’ll regret it for all eternity.

Here's a film that has evidently sparked outrage in the Arab world.

Truthfully, I didn't realize that the production team responsible for Mega Shark Vs. Crocosaurus &
Super Shark had a religious films division. This is so bad it makes Ed Wood look like Fellini and it proves, once & for all, that fundamentalists of every stripe have absolutely no sense of humor whatsoever.

Finally, in keeping with my END TIMES THEME, I give you New Age astrologer Barbara Hand Clow

who believes that the coming Mayan conflagration is only dangerous for those of us with a penis.

In my opinion, the reason this transition is so horrific is that the patriarchy must die so the betrayed feminine can again reign on Earth. I equate the feminine with all that is sacred and whole, and I totally trust this process.

Of course, being a New Ager she only means white folk with penises.

Which is a-ok by me since I'll take any escape hatch from this human asylum that I can get.

Dick out.


Morocco Bama said...

Excellent work, Jack. He's being nice to first. That's his method. That's his method.....then he starts to get irritated, and eventually puts the kabash on you. With me, he had to whip out his pity story about how he has a congenital heart disease and has had four open heart surgeries. He likes to parlay that one to the ladies and tell them how that forced him to learn to write so well, and play the piano so well, because he couldn't play games outside with the big boys. And some of the girls just eat that shit up. You ought to check out his post about "touch." Creepy....Alah Jerry Sandusky creepy. In fact, I was going to make a comment about Sandusky and thought he would censor me. I should have done it. He mentioned your language because he takes exception to it. If you were to keep it up, he would shut it down, I guarantee it.

just_another_dick said...

Y'know Shrub, I had a plan there. & it would have been funny. At least to you.

But he took too long to answer the second time & I lost interest.


Although I kind of enjoyed his coincidental reference to ol' Jackie boy as an ass wiper.

Morocco Bama said...

Yeah, he's not worth the time or effort.

I thought this was a good one.

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