Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tattooed Wankers Go A Wanking

I watched this lovely little documentary about the Toynbee Tiles late last night.
The filmmakers, one a self-styled "outsider," spent years trying to unravel the provenance of these weird little tiles that have been deposited all along the East coast of America, with a few even appearing in South America.

While its being sold as a mystery story solved with dogged determination, I think it's really a study of what happens when a fake outsider like the tattoo covered filmmaker, a typically modern product of school bullying, uncovers the real deal.

A man so uninterested in humanity he only shops late at night. A man whose neighbors rarely see him. A man who puts plywood over his windows and an intricate pipe lock on his door, and who refuses to answer the door no matter how many times the filmmakers make the attempt.

Quite frankly, if these filmmakers were concerned with anything other than their own narrow self interests, they would have walked away once they saw what this man was like. They would have left him alone.

Instead, they offer his name for public consumption.

I think that this a good criteria for discerning genuine outsiders from the myriad army of fake outsiders who pay lip service to a dislike for society but secretly ache to be accepted & loved by society. A true outsider just doesn't give a fuck.

I can also see why the RI crew loves this film. They're all faux outsiders, railing heartily against a culture whose collapse they would never survive. If America's plastic culture didn't offer them a constant influx of new media, they'd have nothing left but themselves. It's understandable.  I'm sure that being alone with any of them would be enough to drive one utterly mad.

I think the lesson here for anyone seeking to extricate him/herself from the herd of narcissistic meat suits is

If you do, the pseudo-hipster vampires will find you & leech on to you & pass you around amongst their cult of outsider wanna-bes like you were a roach smouldering on the end of a roach clip.

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