Thursday, December 20, 2012

2 1/2 hours into DOOMSDAY & the world's still here.

What a fucking bummer.

Goddamn Mayans...lying sacks of Injun shit.

I guess I'll have to put the shipping container up on Ebay.

Maybe the MRE's will sell too...

I guess I can finally stop shitting in compost buckets...


Stoopid Mayans

Stoopid calendar

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Morocco Bama said...

Nah, you just get a bigger boat like Dmitry Orlov. You have to stick with the one who brought you the dance. The Apocalypse will come....just in another form and for other reasons now that the Mayan thing has been discredited. Too much has been vested by too many for them to give up the ship now. They're in it for life....or is it death?