Friday, December 7, 2012

The 70s seemed to be the decade for extraterrestrials to psychically contact people while the intelligence community hovered in the background.

Phil Dick had VALIS, Robert Anton Wilson had his Sirius Transmissions.

Here, John Clark/John Holmes, childhood pal of Jerry Garcia, relates his trip through E.T.-land.

If ET's intention was to point us in the right direction, I'd say that ET fucked up horribly.

That's probably why they just hover over us now, like we're an oversized version of the Cleveland Zoo.

Seriously, can anyone blame them?

Personally I think it's our unnatural attraction to post modern elevator music that keeps them away.

Now, with the approach of our societal expiration date, I think ET needs a little encouragement to do the right thing and zap us into oblivion.

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