Friday, December 14, 2012

Here's a thought,

instead of non stop media coverage of spree killings where voluminous armies of rubber necking at accident scene wankers get to lurk around comment sections & forums & blogs,
pontificating on their personal obsessions (i.e. gun control, no gun control, government conspiracies, etc.), and then explaining in badly spelled & illiterate detail how those personal obsessions foretold the event or could effectively derail future events while they amateurishly smokescreen their real love of bloodshed under all this bullshit,  and pseudo journalists get fill up reams of computer screen with empty type without exerting any effort whatsoever, let's have no media coverage whatsoever.

No photos of the crime scene.

No photos of wailing & heartbroken parents.

No endless stream of faux journalistic voyeuristic product that masks itself as information.

But most importantly of all, no photos of the shooters.

No endless examinations of their lives or their motivations.

No trotting out of the shooter's friends and family to find out if they saw  the demon imp in the shooter's eyes. (The didn't) Or if they had any indication said shooter would start shooting(they didn't).

In fact, do not even publish their real names.

Instead they will be known only as John Doe.

Remove every shred of fame or infamy from the act.

Do not serve the interests of the mentally deranged shooter or the equally deranged cult of personality that springs up around him.

Instead, what we have every time this happens is a vampiric feast by journalists & journalist wanna-bes who, in reality, would have absolutely nothing to type if they weren't typing about bloodshed.

Two days ago, the media published this lovely bit of counting your chickens before their hatched back slapping:

Citizens' coolheadedness and individual preparation for coping with gunfire in public settings may have curtailed the casualty count from Tuesday's shooting at a Portland, Ore., shopping mall, law officers suggested on the day after the tragedy.

Two people died and one was critically wounded before the shooter, 22-year-old Jacob Tyler Roberts of Portland, killed himself a few minutes after running into the food court at the Clackamas Town Center mall. Officials say Mr. Roberts, wearing camouflage and a white hockey mask, had methodically fired "multiple" rounds from an assault-style rifle at random shoppers.

Most of the 10,000 Christmas shoppers at the mall appeared nearly as ready and able as police to deal with a gunman appearing suddenly in their midst, Clackamas County Sheriff Craig Roberts said on Wednesday.

Ah yes, spree killers, take that.
We're ready for ya.


 Today we saw what a chunk of shit that is.

So, does the endless attention given to spree killers actually prepare anyone for anything?

Or are we just really helping them refine their techniques as our endless rubber necking feeds their need for quasi-fame?

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