Friday, December 14, 2012

We humans are strange little critters.

I wonder if gazelles stop and mill about as the unlucky slowpoke gazelle gets gobbled up by the lions?

Do they postulate endless conspiracy theories as they attempt to make sense of the carnage?

Since I steered clear of massacre stories cell Crackbook account...only enough Internet to note the ever changing Massacre headlines as the day long feeding frenzy played out with the media doing their astute job of sniffing out bloodshed, knowing they had a rapt audience of accident scene rubber neckers to placate...I'm woefully short on details.

So don't expect any.

What I did do, at day's end,  is pay a visit to 2 of my favorite crackpot websites on the Internut, Loren Coleman's Twilight Language & the Rigorous Intuition Forum.

I've come to the conclusion that I could write their material without them.

It's so fucking predictable.

Everyone is just so sad, but, surprisingly not sad enough to stop blog & forum posting.
Because we all know how important it is.


What did these people do before the fucking Internet?

They must have led lives of incredibly empty loneliness as all of their incite & wisdom went for naught. Sitting, muttering to themselves in isolated little rooms with wistful music playing in the background.

Well Yay Internut!

You do have a purpose.

Too bad they don't.

These folk have been playing the same old story for fucking years & years & years...

Pontificating  about the  same revolving door of crap they've read in books or on the Internut...

LARPing the roll of revolutionary on nice hermetically sealed forums with other like minded LARPers.

Yet, magically, nothing ever changes.

The slaughters continue...

Does Loren really believe that if he juggles enough names that somehow, in the juggling, he'll find a reason for it all?  God's Etch-A Sketch in action.

Does Loren believe that he is somehow magically above the media, who he castigates endlessly for glorifying spree killers and instigating their recurrence, when he posts endless reams of blog posts dissecting the massacres as if they were secret messages from God?

Do the RI Forum crew seriously believe they're doing anything other than re-spoon feeding a shitload of spoon fed news stories to each other.

Retyping the same tired second & third & 40th hand stories over & over again?

More importantly, do these pathetically lonely mental cases really think that type on a screen makes them part of "a community."

Jesus, are these people really that fucking alienated?

If the Mayans are right and the 21st is the end of it all, I suspect that there isn't much of us left to kill.

After all, you can't kill what's already dead.

It's now 6 AM. For 32 of the next 40 hours I'll be working with the polar opposite of RI Land, RepubLand. Yippee! Please oh please oh please God, I promise I'll stop being an unbelieving wanker asshole as long as You keep Anti-UN guy from showing up this weekend. I can hear him now:

"You know, that school shooting was a well orchestrated para-military operation jointly planned by the UN & President Obama. It was carried out under the auspices of MK-Ultra in order to coalesce public opinion behind a seizure of OUR GODDAMN GUNS and furthermore yadda yadda yadda blah blah blah yadda blah yadda blah yadda blah blah blah....

Oh frabjuous joy Caloo Calay....


Morocco Bama said...

82_28 is so distraught....and yet he has time to post something as trivial as this....

What's up with this goddamn cat?

Such fucking hypocrites.

ericswan said...

clif high says there is a second network out there and that it produces more than the msm.

ericswan said... who is peter lanza?

ericswan said... the entire thing is faked.