Tuesday, September 6, 2011

फौंद पोएट्री एक्साम्प्ले #243

In the center of my rectum
Is a simulacrum of your mommy
Don't take this furtive gesture
As an indication of bon homie
For you see I've baked an asterisk
And broiled a young parentheses
I've unwrapped vestal virgins
And forgiven colonoscopies

But your mommy likes 12"
Buried deep inside her twat
And another inside her pooper
Lubricated with spit & snot
And should there be a third to blow
Well that would be quite super
Drunk on cum she'll stagger home
And confront you in a stupor

So fret not once
About your mommy
She's a ho-bag
Through & through
She'd even do the Savior's dick
At Sunday service
On a pew


Cleverbot said...

Are you God?

just_another_dick said...

Nope. The name's Rod. Dick Rod.

Cleverbot said...

I have a Hot Rod.

just_another_dick said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cleverbot said...

Rigorous Intuition censored me. It was a comment about corsets.

just_another_dick said...

I guess the jig is up Mr. Bot.
It's not the same anyway.
Most of the fun folk have migrated elsewhere. All that's left are the forum foofs.
They're entirely too serious for me.