Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Middle Name Is Love

Brielle deMartino, 23, from Del Ray Beach, Fla., was so excited that she woke up at 6 a.m. on the launch day and spent $700 on Missoni clothes, a bike and plates. The next day, she got an email from Target that her online order was canceled. Then, she spent hours on the phone with Target customer service representatives she describes as unapologetic.

"I have never been treated like this," says deMartino, who got the charges removed from her card after calling her bank and posted on Facebook and Twitter about the ordeal. "Instead of taking responsibility, they didn't care. I have always been pro-Target, but I don't want to give my money to a company like that again.'

Wow, I didn't realize these Homo Consumus zombies took their shopping this seriously.
It sounds akin to a day at Auschwitz. The poor girl. I bet she's fun on a date. One can almost hear the incessant cunty whining. No one whines like a woman. It makes ya want to pour melted lead in your ears just to stop the aural drill bit from hitting cerebral cortex.

I'm glad she posted it all on Facebook & Twitter. My only regret is that I'm on neither. I think I would have Tweeted her a picture of the shit I had to suffer to squeeze out this morning. It was just like shitting lava. The smell even began to peel the wallpaper.

I was also unaware that anyone outside of a commercial would characterize themselves as "pro-Target?"

"This was badly handled," said Robert Passikoff, president of Brand Keys Inc., a New York customer research firm that has an index that shows Target's image has taken a hit. "What was supposed to be engaging and delightful is now the opposite -- disappointment."

Shopping for clothes is "engaging & delightful?" Who the fuck are these people who think this? More importantly, can I have their addresses? I think that a few letter bombs are in order.

"This demand impacted our site and affected the shipment and delivery of select guest orders," O'Murray said in a statement. "Providing an exceptional experience is incredibly important to Target, and we have a team dedicated to addressing those guests who have been affected."

An "exceptional experience?" Let's see how the "exceptional experience" of on-line shopping works...

Type in web address
Hit enter
Find desired item
Click on photo
Look at bigger photo of photo you just looked at
Click on "ADD TO CART" link
Go to cart
Enter credit card number
Hit enter


Sorry, just thinking about it made me cum.

The Missoni collection was an attempt by Target to regain the cache it lost among the fashion-forward crowd after it began focusing on expanding its food business. Target is among a few retailers who have partnered with high-end designers that create exclusive lines they can offer for a limited time at deep discounts. The collections can spur demand by creating a sense of urgency to buy. Last year, Target scored big with a line created by Liberty of London, offering 300 items with the designer, which is known for its floral prints, and selling out of most of it in a couple of days.

Target had "cache?" It's Wal-Mart with a better paint job.
There's a "fashion-forward" crowd? If we take them all to a highway and aim them at oncoming traffic will they "fashion-forward" into an 18 wheeler?
Please oh please please...

Doing this "limited edition" crap "creates a sense of urgency to buy?"
In who?
Do we allow these people to have cars & guns?
Can we stop it?
Maybe with a Day Of Rage.
Or a bullet.
Please don't tell me that we allow these fuckers to reproduce?

By Sept. 13, the day of the launch, Target said demand for Missoni items rivaled the frenzy on the day after Thanksgiving, which is typically the busiest shopping day of the year. More than 100 customers lined up at stores nationwide. Some locations sold out in a few hours.

My God. There really are sentient Barbie Dolls. How many cows & chickens & carrots had to give up breathing to keep these people alive?

Celebrities were even writing about the launch, or tweeting, on Twitter. Actress Busy Phillips, who plays Laura in ABC's "Cougar Town," tweeted: "Got the bike. Not the colorful one but still SO EXCITED." Actresses Jessica Alba and Jessica Simpson also were gushing about the line: "I dreamt about the Missoni 4 Target bike last night," Alba tweeted. Simpson replied, "I want that bike too!! So cute!"

So, these are some of the people who make shitloads of money entertaining crackpot America and all they have in their heads is the typed equivalent of white noise?
They get excited by bicycles?
Would this be that "cache" they were talking about earlier?

Megan Bonner, 26, from Memphis, Tenn., bragged on Twitter after ordering $300 worth of Missoni dresses and cardigans until the next day when she got emails telling her that her shipments would be delayed. Nervous that she wouldn't get the items at all, she bought some of them at a nearby Target. But now she worries she won't be refunded for the other merchandise.

Holy fucking shit. This dizzy broad bought the same shit twice?
My God. Someone needs to spay this girl. Really fucking quickly. Someone this stupid does not need to reproduce.

"I feel violated. I feel taken advantage of," she said. "If I don't hear back from them in another week, I will call back. Maybe, I just won't go back anymore."

You tell 'em Megan. That's the way to speak truth to power. Do you feel empowered baby?
She feels fucking "violated?" I think someone needs a Linda Blair "Born Innocent" moment so she can gain a little insight into what the word "violated" means.

But Brian Sozzi, a Wall Street Strategies analyst, says shoppers' discontent -- much like the Missoni for Target line -- is fleeting. "I think it is short-term anger," he said.

I think Brian is right. These folk need this shit. They need their little trips to Shopping Land. It's their crack, their meth, their's the stuffing that keeps their Build-A-Bear selves from collapsing. Without it they're just empty skin.

Okay Jesus. Ya yob. It really is time to live up to Your idle deity promises.
Bring it on dipshit. A rain of fire. A Flood. I know I know...been there done that, right?

Make everyone gag on a river of feces then.
It doesn't really fucking matter. Just do something ya fucking dink. Ya cheezy git.
Apparently humanity has been dead for quite some time anyway. That is, if there ever was such a thing as "humanity" in the first place.

So, kill us all & be done with it ya lazy Bastard.

If You don't, it will just go on & on & on...this mediocre mush

You know it will.

So, don't be such a pussy... it!


Morocco Bama said...

Check out the Plutocrats laughing their asses off at these dolts. When are they going to get it? You will have to kill them, or yourselves, for the madness to stop. Their protest is just amusement to the Plutocrats.

Morocco Bama said...

Damn! These people are SCARY!!!! I'm going to have nightmares after watching this very disturbing video.

Oh, unless I forget, if you ate more hummus, it would help with those bowel movements.......bud.

How come no one ever says "mack" anymore. You use bud and pal quite a bit, but I've never heard you say "mack?" It used to be a ubiquitous part of Urban Colloquialism, but it seems to have gone the way of the Dodo Bird.

just_another_dick said...

If I used "mack" Shrub I'd feel compelled to add "daddy" after it.

"The people united
Will never be defeated?"

Who writes this shit?

What the rich folk should do is drop bags of dollar bills on the crowd.
Watch them scramble like dogs after cheap rawhide bones.

I really don't care, one way or the other, about how this plays out.

The folk with nothing always have nice chants & holier than thou morality. If they swapped places with those folk on the balcony, they would do the exact same thing as the balcony dwellers.

All leadership is inherently flawed.

Are the wealthy doing anything different now than they did when jobs were plentiful?

Actually the protesters are quite similar to the Target shoppers.

They both waited in long lines to get very little in return.

just_another_dick said...

One other thing Mac Daddy (see, I told ya) I remember reading an Adbuster's mag years ago where they had a full page with this on it:


So, now they want to save humanity?
That's one hell of a 180.