Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Public Service Announcement

Hel...Hel...Hello... This is little Suzy. I'm not really used to this blogging thing-a-ma-bob. Usually Dickie & Bone handle those duties...but...well, Mulebone was MiLabbed on Saturday. Sucked out of his bed by a gang of gray reptizilla military personnel. They subjected him to a horrifying 53 straight hours of mind control Prime Time programming. Mule held his bone high through most of it...

But then the dirty alien scum pulled out the big guns...NCIS, Criminal Minds, etc. Personally, I think it was the 6 straight hours of Mark Harmon's boyish grin surrounded by liver spots that did it. Although, Dick was of the opinion that Mule only cracked after 3 straight hours of the Ashton Kutcher's 2 & 1/2 Men debut played over & over...

Whatever the case may be, Bone has burrowed deep into the parietal lobe & refuses to come out.

Dick, on the other hand, was contentedly stroking his chin & softly sighing when a call came into Dick Central™ informing him that his 17 year old niece tested positive for Gonorrhea. Said niece has been liberally & multi-culturally spreading her vaginal jam amongst a group of nappy headed Nubian hippity hopper gangsta wannabe black trash...

Evidently one of her little African love slaves spurted a little something extra into her gooey birth canal.

Since she has developed a taste for low rent ghetto dark meat she has
a. stolen a few hundred dollars from her younger siblings
b. been caught shoplifting $500 of designer make-up
c. developed an unhealthy attraction to Vicodin

One could say that the STD was just the cream in the proverbial coffee.

So Dick thought it best to slide himself deep into the parietal right next to Mulebone lest he take his shotgun & test his new "Is it possible to shoot the black off someone" hypothesis.

So, once again, I'm little Suzy Snatch & I like Barbies & Gummy Bears & painting my nails different shades of black.
I'll be glad to discuss any of these subjects, anytime, day or night, with anyone...
Those who feel the need to expand on my topic menu can just


To get the ball rolling, these are my favorite gummy bears:

This is my favorite Barbie Doll:

And this is my favorite shade of black:

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