Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Welfare Mothers Make Better Lovers

Jeheeezius Christ. I hate people. At our core we're scum. A lesson Liberals will never understand. They are hampered by all the bullshit they've downloaded over the years...all the required multicultural non-judgmental crap they have to abide by in order to remain Liberal.
It's quite sickening.

For instance, I just paid a visit to my brother. B of A is finally poised to seize my mother's home.
They will be in the unenviable position of trying to squeeze $61,000 out of a property that is worth, at best, 20 grand. We both find it all very amusing. To up the ante, the house sits in a neighborhood surrounded by Section 8 housing.

It wasn't always that way. As a kid, all of those houses, lower middle class row houses that they were, had families living in them. Families who owned the houses & maintained them. Then those folk got old & died off. The houses were then sold. Many became Section 8 houses.

Welfare people are the best. In summer they sleep all day & then go wild all night. Their little toddlers can be found running up & down the street at 2 in the morning, diapers full of shit. Loud cRap music blares throughout the evening. They have absolutely no regard for the poor boobs in the area who actually have jobs & pay their own way through life and have to get up in the morning.
Hell, the poor boobs also work to pay the welfare fucks way through life.

In every case, these houses were initially remodeled by the buyer before any tenants occupied them. In almost every case, the little welfare fuck has completely trashed the place before departing. They're like monkeys tossing shit at the bars of their cage. Of course, it isn't a cage. The welfare fucks can leave anytime they want.

Currently one house across the street, a house once owned by someone I knew, has been reduced to condemned status by a lovely crew of creatures who are a complete waste of food water & air. 4 black guys are living with 1 white girl. The girl is the only one with a job. The other 4 are apparently content to take up space. Sell the occasional crack rock & inseminate the white broad. Oh, & annoy everyone else.

They have 4 Pit Bulls. The Pit Bulls have filled the basement with shit & piss. The house is infested with rats. Man, I never saw a rat in that neighborhood. Ever. I sit here sometimes, picturing my childhood home filled with rats & dog shit. It has become my "happy place."

Now, for the last 3 months, my wife, my son & I have been volunteering at a local no-kill animal shelter. Alone I've logged about 40 hours so far, cleaning the kennels, walking the dogs, playing with the dogs, etc. In that time I have come to feel the most sympathy for Pit Bulls. They seem to be the breed most favored by inept inner city pseudo tough guys who are so fucking insecure they need these poor dogs to bolster their non-existent machismo.

Every Pit Bull at this shelter but 1 has been seized from some ghetto shithead due to cruelty & neglect. Some of these dogs literally cower around humans. Because dogs aren't stupid. They know what we're really made of, and it ain't much I'm afraid. I see the type all the time. Pudgy in that Ice Cube kind of way, hat askew, tattoos, shorts hanging low, underwear sticking out over the top. What I find most amusing is that these wahoos look almost exactly like an MR guy who was left alone to dress himself.

Then again, these shitheads are retarded so their fashion choices actually make perfect sense.

Many of them have Pit Bulls.

None of them should have Pit Bulls.

Or girlfriends.

Or children.

Since they are so inept at caring for themselves they should be completely removed from the "care for others" lotto.

Otherwise the horror just continues.

Of course, a liberal would tire you out siting all the societal factors that led to this. How elite oppression keeps people down , but if we divide the wealth then yadda yadda yadda & blah blah blah...

I think they're full of shit.

People are people. If you give them money & housing & free eats, etc., they won't appreciate one bit of it. They'll complain that "it isn't enough" and "they deserve more" and then, like the stunted little monkeys they are, they'll start tossing their shit at the monkey bars.

Liberals are enablers. Their fragile self esteem, so easily shattered with the least pressure, has forced them to insist on a world without standards. Baseball leagues no longer reward effort only. Now they reward failure equally, making effort seem entirely irrelevant.
Words are excised from our language because someone somewhere may be offended by it.

I think its how they slough off their guilt for their complicity in this human madness. Because they are complicit. No matter how they try to obfuscate & dodge their responsibility. They champion the poor while despising the poor. They need the poor to stay poor as much as any rich industrialist. They also need the poor to stay far away from them. Just like their "elite" mirror images.

Oh, there are a smattering of Liberals in my old neighborhood too. Their cars have the requisite Obama/Biden bumper sticker right next to some green wienie ecology bumper sticker. Of course, to see the bumperstickers you'd have to go one street over because none of them actually park in front of their homes. They prefer to exit & enter through their back doors because the street with all the welfare shitheads "looks too much like a ghetto."

Of course, I dislike conservatives with equal vehemence, but for very different reasons.

They are the yang to the liberal's yin. In other words, political thought in this country is one big circle jerk, dominated by two groups of self centered & self involved jerk offs who only want one run it all. Anyone who disagrees with their dogma is excluded.

Thank God/Goddess/Otis The Divine Plumber. I'd hate to feel compelled to follow either one. Of course, that may all change one day. But that's why they invented guns.

In the end, I suppose this all makes me a racist. Who cares? I know it isn't true. I also know there is as much black trash in the world as there is white trash. Racism, as an excuse, is a hunk of shinola that only a Liberal would buy. Black folk have been assimilated everywhere. In the end, it's the assimilation that will kill them. They already excel at playing our game. Just ask Michael Jordan who used his celebrity to sell kids amazingly overpriced shoes that could get them killed.
& he made millions doing it.

I've worked with a lot of black women over the years. Most of them don't buy into the gangsta bullshit. They just want a guy with a job who won't bolt when a baby comes along. They recognize the tough talk for what it is, hot air. Black women don't seem to respond well to bullshit. White women, on the other hand, appear to be as dumb as a summer day is long. They eat it up with a spoon.

I suppose the dissemination of the gangster illusion can be laid at the feet of both the U.S. Government and bands like N.W.A. & "Cop Killer" Ice T.

The Government because they allowed all that cheap coke to flow in, and bands like N.W.A. & Ice T. for making the dissemination & thuggery involved look so "hip" & "cool."

Who was in N.W.A. anyway?

Ice Cube. Who now makes millions churning out pointless drivel for Disney.
Dr. Dre who makes millions churning out nothing of interest.

Oh yeah, & Ice T made a nice living playing a fake cop on Law & Order. Now he parades his neurotic & surgically enhanced white wife through his upscale life of video games & verbal gruel.

We humans love to believe fake shit.

I remember back a few years when they first released Scarface to DVD. There were 5 or 6 gangster wannabes in this video store I was loitering in. After they left, the clerk told me they couldn't keep the thing on the shelves. Young black & white wannabes were slobbering over it.
I saw Scarface again, about 6 months ago. I thought I was watching a comedy. There's a table full of Hispanic gangsters except none of them are Hispanic. There's an Italian & a Jew & an Irish guy...but no Hispanics. And what was the deal with Pacino's accent? He sounded like Mel Blanc in a ScarBunny parody of some other movie.

I feel sorry for the black guys who aren't from the fucking hood.

Last year I took my oldest boy to a haunted house called Scarehouse. It's nationally rated so the lines are usually long, as is the wait. As we were standing there, two 20 something black kids came up behind us. They were brother & sister. The boy was a tall good looking kid & the sister was drop dead gorgeous. They were obviously educated. As we stood there, this group of young white college girls came up behind them. Conversation ensued. Amazingly, the young man's speech patterns completely altered. He kept talking about life "back in the hood," saying "It be like..." a lot without ever actually saying what it be like...

During one huge & smelly hunk of verbal horseshit, I caught his sister giving him a look of complete disbelief, as if to say, "I can't believe you just said that..."
But the kid wanted laid. I don't blame him. The young girls were hot.
They expected ghetto. So he obliged them.

Coincidentally, there were two legitimate ghetto blasters a few places ahead of us. They were the real sullen antagonistic & annoying deal. At one point, one of the employees, dressed in drag to entertain the crowd as they waited, "flirted" with one of these shitheads, something he'd done with a bunch of other men that evening. Ghetto Blaster #1 was out of the line & after this poor guy in an instant. The fake drag queen kept backing up & saying, "Look man, it's only a joke. I'm acting." I think the only thing that kept Ghetto Blaster #1 from kicking the shit out of the "fluffer" was the crowd. What an asshole. Should be put down like a rabid dog.

Yep, I fucking hate people.
If there's reincarnation, I hope I return as a vole, or maybe a weasel...hell returning as a fucking cockroach would be a step up from human.

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